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Itook a course on Italian Cinema and we studied Antonioni, and Visconti and how the Neorealist films dominated at the time. Flike, Mr. Umberto, and Maria along with the plot scream out Neorealism. Showing these characters and how they live and deal with poverty due to post-WWII Italy is so powerful especially in the scene above in the picture, Umberto trying to beg for money and it’s so hard for him I felt it myself and then Flike  steals the film.

“Man’s best friend” Flike is not a pet in this film because in real life pets become a part of the family, and I feel this film shows that in Flike. Flike is poor, has debts, has no home, is embarrassed with his situation, Flike shares all of these problems with Umberto. Emotions make this film great because they are real they are relatable and that is clear when one of my classmates stated they cried through out the whole film.

At the start of the film I was so involved in the relationship built between Maria and Umberto. She clearly respects him and he clearly worries and wants to share his wisdom with her like a father figure. The relationship never really gets that far and that is shown in the hospital scene when she does not introduce herself as his daughter. Their relationship I believe is built on the fact that they are of the same social class. Maria respects him as an elder but is not ashamed to tell him she is pregnant because he will not look down on her.

Since taking the course Italian Cinema these films have taken first place on my list of films to watch from that era and Umberto D. is a perfect example.

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