Bonnie and Clyde the death scene. Because of prior scenes we knew some kind of ambush was coming against Bonnie and Clyde. Analyzing this scene starting from when we see Malcolm and the point of view shots of him looking at Bonnie and Clyde coming down the highway, we know he is expecting them to show up soon so it sets the tension very early on in the scene. Then the scene turns into a real “nail biter” by giving us the calming innocent shots of bonnie and Clyde talking and being sweet to each other letting us know that they do not expect anything to happen to them. Clyde states “I’ll tell you if that kid didn’t have his head strapped he’d lose it” now this is a very fatherly phrase and we know that he cares for C.W. and it adds to the scene to hear that knowing that C.W.’s father is setting them up. As we watch Bonnie eat the pair then give some to Clyde we are put more at ease and then Bonnie spots Malcolm and again we are tense.

Through out the movie I got the sense that instinct was never a strong trait in either Bonnie or Clyde because they never saw anything coming they just shot, and drove well enough to escape but they never expected any of the ambush or attempts by the police. Malcolm setting them up was clear especially because of his over enthusiasm to have them stay with them and in the scene his nerves are so obvious but again lack of instincts finally means the end of this story. The cinematography is amazing when the action starts especially because it feels like it has started already by all the cuts to point of view shots. Malcolm sees another car coming down the road that surprises him, cut to the car coming down the road. A series of point of view shots follow, Malcolm looks at the bush, Clyde also looks and we see the birds fly out, then Malcolm looks up then Clyde then Bonnie smiling which again gives us the fact that they still do not expect anything. Malcolm again looks at the bush now we only see the bush shaking, then Malcolm looks at the car again. Malcolm now jumps under his truck and Clyde laughs still not aware of the actions to come. Cut to bonnie then to Clyde now with an alert face cut to a shot of the bush we still see nothing in the bush. This whole time we are watching and we are just waiting for it but it feels like it is taking forever because of the editing techniques. Now point of view shots of Bonnie looking at Clyde and Clyde looking at her both with expressions of helplessness.

The bullets start flying and we finally see the guns in the bushes. The way their bodies move and shake because of the bullets is so powerful because it makes the human body into rag dolls. Clyde being rolled around on the floor and Bonnie’s skinny silhouette reduced to waving limbs and hanging hair is so hard to watch. We know that they are dead but I can not help but think how it must hurt to have your body twisted and bent in the way the bullets did to them especially Bonnie. The last high angle shot of the car with Bonnie hanging out arm looking like it will break off and blonde hair hanging down and on the floor to the right Clyde laying lifeless face down on the dirt, this shot is hard to watch but what a great shot to an amazing sequence of shots because it is like the calm after the storm.

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