Breathless “The Cool”

December 5, 2010 | | 2 Comments

This film to me is more of a character piece and an expression of two cultures. We get Michel and his attitude, personality, and way of life and we can only assume that he is a product of his environment. Then we have Patricia “The Little American” and I start to foreshadow how they will clash. Michel being such a harsh character and my assumption that she will not be a push over I assume they will not get along. Through out the film we see and realize what makes him react and what makes him relax or submissive. The police can not scare or slow Michel down but Patricia can and she does it without even trying. The character’s both express “The Cool”, they are young living life how they want to and they are doing it in Paris. Paris as the backdrop along with the rest of the pop culture elements in the film compliment these two characters that might display life in a way that people at the time and even today might want to live.

Cinematography is unpredictable like the characters it is following. We do not know what Michel is going to do next so the shots are given to us in the same way. In the apartment scene the way the frame enclosed Michel especially made me feel trapped in. That might have been the point of the cinematography to have us feel the way Michel felt closed in that room trying to seduce Patricia but with no hope in sight.

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  1.    jengesser1 on December 13, 2010 12:26 am

    I like how you noticed a kind of bipolar quality that Michel was more cool and collected when Patricia was around, as opposed to his normal crazy, speedy self. I took note of it in terms of editing and the film, but not in the character himself. Thanks for pointing that out.

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